Our research has produced tools and methods to develop rich-featured information systems rapidly (About research, About author). This portal is created using the above research (Data Furnish).

You may be seeing few features. The portal covers many useful features for students, faculty, HOD, exam, registrar, accounts and more. The successful deployment of the portal shows that the research can be used practically, to develop full information system with rich features and more rapidly than usual.

The research will be very useful if used in industry, for inventory, sales, accounts, HR or other systems. The system will be hosted on cloud, so you do not need to purchase and maintain a server until you otherwise prefer to have it.

If you are an enterprise planning to automate your business, please write an email to us (najmalikram@yahoo.com) to proceed further.

If you are good in software marketing, you are welcome to collaborate. Please write an email to us (najmalikram@yahoo.com).

Developed by:

Dr. Najmul Ikram Qazi
Zeeshan Cheema
Special thanks for contribution in security testing
Muhammad Danial
M Zeeshan Tarrar